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Since end november 2016 we have also daily lists, organized by year/date, so you can look back in time!
So you can look back for what were the newsfeeds for that day (only for this page)
Example for Independence Day Ukraine

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Ukraine PS 752 crash(can include false/fake media or kremlinmedia like RT, Sputnik or others, so beware !)
evidence=facts before mediahype of hypemedia

MH17 reddit(not mine!) MH17 in my reddit
MH17(can include kremlinmedia like RT, Sputnik or others, so beware !)

On Ukraine

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independent online news media outlet from Ukraine and about Ukraine from a point of view of regular Ukrainian citizens
Since they replaced Disqus comment plugin with pro-RF FAKE book plugin no longer a favorite site for me. I wont share anymore on FB.


Human Rights in Ukraine

Website of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

kyivpost (mostly for the other urls) english english News from Crimea

News - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

The latest news from RFE/RL's broadcast region. Power Vertical National News Agency of Ukraine in Ukrainian! EN Also UA and RU

Around Ukraine

Balkan Insight

Baltic Times

LRT Lithuania

Belarus Digest

BelTA – Belarusian Telegraph Agency


Black Sea News

daily sabahTurkey incl. Georgia

Intelli News

Radio Poland

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Finland YLE




The Russian Reader

The Siberian Times

Window on Eurasia – Paul Globe – known from …and other neglected Russian stories
Old one , up to June 16, 2011
Window on Eurasia, new 2nd version, from January 27, 2012, by Paul Globe.

EU, USA and the World

Deutsche Welle on EUrope

EU Observer



Google news selection on
RF(russia) gas war against Ukraine & EUrope !!!

My reddit on gas war of RF

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Media to check before to share or like!! May be fake news or propaganda.

At least 3 Ukrainian media channels, 112, NewsOne and ZIK, push Russian propaganda | And soon also Channel 5 and Priamiy Channel??
Linked to gremlin of kremlin Viktor Medvedchuk. When do pro-rf politicians/forces in Ukraine get prosecuted for treason!!?? | June 21 2019
Is 112, NewsOne, ZIK proRF-media? (and Channel 5 and Priamiy Channel??)
Beware of kremlinmedia! (Lucky we hardly use links from here! – and limited news )

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euronews ukraine Not UNBIASED ,kinda Pro-RF seeing Markov and other gremlins of kremlin coming on. Champion of FAKE NEWS on Russia and so-called CLIMATE CHANGE, GLOBAL WARMING, GREENLAND MELTING, it’s the weather change STUPID!!! (link got 404, now fixed ! 27082019)
Climate change, Us common people’s eternal sin in the new global mandatory religion of the GREEN maffia ? NO, it’s THEIR’S, the 1%, their multinationals, their 15% lackey’s and the airlines using JETSTREAM

My daily posts to my reddit RUSSIAWARINUKRAINE from this subsite

Muscovy war in Ukraine, since "russia" never was, is, or will be a country, it's now RF. Name Rus and its history belongs to Ukraine.