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oil&gas from russia
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OK guys nominate me (callsign CeeWee or CW in short) for my reddit-sites promoting Ukraine/bringing news since 2015!
MFA to grant “honorary ambassador” title to promoters of Ukraine all around the world

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Google news selection on
RF(russia) gas war against Ukraine & EUrope !!!

My reddit on gas war of RF

Google news selection on
RF(russia) gas prices !!!


On Ukraine

Ukraine should ban all pro-RF/russian politcians, parties, judges, people (in public service), organizations and all pro-RF MEDIA!

MOST RECENT NEWS , BETTER AS MASSMEDIA like CNN or Euronews and others
use google chrome for translate from Ukrianian or russian


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about Ukraine
Media to check before to share or like!! May be fake news or propaganda. articles
independent online news media outlet from Ukraine and about Ukraine from a point of view of regular Ukrainian citizens
turining into a lagging click-bait site! BAD!

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Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

Information Portal «Human Rights in Ukraine»

mostly for links

Kyivindependent, former KYIVPOST journalists

NV.UA New Voice of Ukraine english

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mostly for links
mostly for links National News Agency of Ukraine

Ukraine state tv

UATV EN Youtube English feeds ended 15062021 (ukrainian)

dual cam dashcam

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News from Crimea
changed to


Have more links to newssources-rss on Ukraine? (no kremlinmedia or fakenewssites !!) in english ?
Put it in a comment!


Around Ukraine

about Gotland strategic (swedish) island in Baltic Sea

Balkan Insight

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Baltic Times english

LRT Lithuania

News - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

The latest news from RFE/RL's broadcast region. Power Vertical

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BELARUSNEW we now have also a reddit on Belarus!

Peremen! Змена! Изменить! Change!

The best, independent!

about Belarus
Media to check before to share or like!! May be fake news or propaganda.

Belarus Digest No more posts?

BelTA – Belarusian Telegraph AgencyBelarus STATE NEWS Banned by us


about Kazakhstan
Media to check before to share or like!! May be fake news or propaganda.

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Black Sea News

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daily sabahTurkey
about Turkey

Daily Hungary incl. Georgia

tehran times

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Intelli News

Radio Poland



Finland YLE

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call IT by its offical name RF, russian federation or real name Muscovy, before it stole in 1721 name RUS and history of Kyvian-RUS/Ukraine, so don’t call it russia!

not so NEW we have also a reddit on RF/Muscovy!



The Russian Reader

The Siberian Times

Window on Eurasia – Paul Globe – known from …and other neglected Russian stories
Old one , up to June 16, 2011
Window on Eurasia, new 2nd version, from January 27, 2012, by Paul Globe.

Eurasia Monitor
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EU, USA and the World

Deutsche Welle on EUrope

EU Observer


VOA news



About Trump, the PreCedent of the USA
The world already has too much dictators!

Google news selection on

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Middle East

Middle East Monitor


about Palestine palestine
Media to check before to share or like!! May be fake news or propaganda.

about A f g h a n i s t a n Afghanistan
Media to check before to share or like!! May be fake news or propaganda.

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Ukraine PS 752 crash(can include false/fake media or kremlinmedia like RT, Sputnik or others, so beware !) on MY reddit

MH17 reddit(not mine!) MH17 in my reddit
MH17(can include kremlinmedia like RT, Sputnik or others, so beware !)

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https://Electroverse net
And now something completly different: a critical eye on man made “global warming”!?


Documenting Earth Changes during the next GSM and Pole Shift

Climate change, Us common people’s eternal sin in the new global mandatory religion of the GREEN maffia ? NO, it’s them the multinationals, and their politicial & religious dystopians.


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Media to check before to share or like!! May be fake news or propaganda.

euronews ukraine Not UNBIASED ,kinda Pro-RF seeing Markov and other gremlins of kremlin coming on.
Linked to gremlin of kremlin Viktor Medvedchuk.
Is 112, NewsOne, ZIK proRF-media? (and Channel 5 and Priamiy Channel??)

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My daily posts to my reddit RUSSIAWARINUKRAINE from this subsite

Muscovy war in Ukraine, since "russia" never was, is, or will be a country, it's now RF. Name Rus and its history belongs to Ukraine.