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News Muscovy & RF (and around) in RF RU

May contain propaganda/kremlinmedia articles so beware!

7×7, Based in: Syktyvkar, republic of Komi

Caucasian Knot

Chernovik Based in: Makhachkala, republic of Dagestan – Echo of Moscow BLOGS (2 of 2 independent media in RF)

Блоги | Эхо Москвы

Блоги на Эхе Москвы Based in: St. Petersburg

Based in: Moscow of 2 independent media in RF) Autopsy

Novye Kolesa Based in: Kaliningrad

Rusjev.netpropaganda? Based in: Novosibirsk, Siberia

Takie Dela Based in: Moscow and other regions

Vesma Today Based in: Magadan, Far East Based in: Yekaterinburg, Urals

Muscovy war in Ukraine, since "russia" never was, is, or will be a country, it's now RF. Name Rus and its history belongs to Ukraine.