Scientists: Between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples no “relationship” even at the DNA level | Ukrainians could be the ancestors of all Europeans Knew that already …. collected already a lot

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Scientists: Between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples no “relationship” even at the DNA level (use google chrome for translate)

Why we call it Muscovy war and not russia/RF war ?


Name RUS- Russia is stolen from Ukraine, so I revert to old name.
(but now i was blocked on wikipedia trying to keep that name and facts about it!?- whats more important, wikipedia admins, facts or rules)

The name of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, changed for Russia by Tsar Peter I in the early 18th century. The goal of this change was to establish a connection between Muscovy and medieval state of Kievan Rus’, thus claiming the right of Moscow to possess all the lands of Rus’. Muscovy was officially renamed by Russian imperial decree in 1721. The ethnonym “Russian” was fixed later – only at the end of the century, when Empress Catherine II of “the highest command” Moscow ordered the people called “Russian people” and forbade them to use the title of “Muscovites”.

was changed to

The Grand Duchy of Moscow, changed to the Tsardom of Russia by Tsar Ivan IV in 1547.
was renamed not from muscovy to tsardom of russia in 1547 but was done in 1721 and renamed THEN from muscovy to russia.

history channel ivan the terrible no mention of tsardom Ivan Moscow, it is just called Muscovy & Muscovites

Map of Poland and Hungary by Sebastian Munster, 1550. The map shows “Russia” for Ukraine, “Russia Alba” for Belarus, while the Moscow Princedom is called “Moscovia.” ( color

1723 Ukraine and Moscovia on same map Polish & russian Ukraine and Moskovia 1723

More proofs
Hakluyt, Richard, 1552?-1616
Title The Discovery of Muscovy
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How muscovy hijacked history Kyvian Rus

While there was Muscovy, there never was, is , and will be a country named “russia”.
Russia is NO country, it’s offical name is Russian Federation (RF) a unvoluntary federation of 85 parts of which Muscovy/Moscow is the parasite.

Name “Russia” will disappear when Ukraine monopolizes history of Kyvian Rus , then it will be again Muscovy…rofl ol

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